I offer several forms of healing,     either physical healing, distance healing, point healing or chakra healing. Further-

more you can choose healing with runes. I also heal animals. I also do readings with runes and sessions and healings

with my drum.

My healings, readings and sessions are not substitutes for a visit at the doctor. Neither am I allowed to put on 

any kind of diagnosis.   



Below you can see some of my recommended healings. Send me an email through Facebook, so we can find the

best solution fitting your needs.


1. Chose physical healing if you want healing of something specific such as arthritis  or a fracture. Physical healing

    is performed either as physically healing in presence or as distance healing.

    Price:  47 Euro per session.

2. Chose chakra healing if you want a full body healing in order to create balance and harmony  in the


    Price: 47 Euro per session

3. Chose healing with runes if you want either point healing or chakra healing or both in combina-

    tion - performed only as distance healing. This form of healing cost a little extra as it require some 

    extra preparation.

    Price: 52 Euro per session

4. Reading with runes were I tune in to your energy level.

    Price: 19 Euro per session

5. Drum sessions or healing with the drum. Contact me for further information.

    47 Euro per session.


Payment for sessions via Swish on phonenumber +46  702753099 (receiver Selma Vogelius)

from Denmark and the rest of the world. From Sweden via Swish on 0702753099.

If you prefer to have healing perfomed in your home I

charge extra per hour from I leavemy home and untill

I am back home.

Regarding an appointment and payment you are wel

come to contact me via email or sms. When it comes

to appointments during the dayI am flexible and

it will be possible to book an appointment in

the evening or the weekend if needed.


















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