What I am and what I do

My name is Bellis Vogelius. I am 53 years old and live in Skåne, Sweden. Previously I worked as a medical secretary and nursing assistant. Since I was a child I have been fond of nature and open to the spiritual world. A couple of years ago I decided to work as a healer as I feel and experience that I make a big difference for others through healing. This will also develop myself spiritually, so in time I can offer other forms of services aswell.


In relation to my healings I have develop a technique using runes. The client can then choose specific runes for the healing, if there is a need for this. This method was developed as I felt a need to perform healings on a deeper level, the mental level, and in this way, I come to function as sort of a soul whisperer. Healings with runes gives rather specific pointers as to wich issues needs to be lit, worked and healed. By choosing healing with runes the client is asked to choose two runes from the overview of runes. Each runes represent three words pointing to what areas of life  or personal properties needs to be either lit, healed or applied to make best use of the healing.

 You will find the latest information regarding further action on this page.

My task is to offer the healing giving maximum help. If you want to get in touch with me, please send an email via Messenger on Facebook. I wish you a nice day.